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Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Pin One is a lightweight display badge that let you to express yourself with digital art as a part of your daily outfit. It can display both still and animated GIFs wirelessly uploaded from your phone.



“A leap forward in promoting creativity… a new intersection between fashion-as-design and technology.”

— Emmanuel Plat, Director of Merchandising MoMA Retail


Wear GIFs from artists all around the world

Use the app community to find amazing GIFs from users and professional artists around the world. Or better yet import your own designs and follow how other users interact with them.

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Browse, upload and switch GIFs using our app

When you find something you like simply upload it to the pin using our user-friendly app. After the first bluetooth upload a large memory on the pin will store your latest used artworks so that you will be able to switch between your favourites without delays.


A subtle design that keeps focus on the art

The design is focused on the creatives work and incorporating their art harmoniously with your daily outfit. The outer rim of the pin is a matte black that contrasts the artwork and is easy to match. Making a product that is vivid yet subtle.

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