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Pins Collective and Come Alive Images co-operation


Pins Collective is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Come Alive Images, a US-based stock Gif agency licensing Gifs (motion images) as stock and creating custom Gifs on assignment. Come Alive Images specializes in creating short looping ideas in the. Gif format which is what Pins Collective is based around.

Come Alive Images represents a large network of top Gif artists from all over the world who create photography, illustration and animation-based Gifs with styles as unique as their native languages – all passionate about creating living imagery which delight the eye and inspire the mind propecia pills.

Pins Collective and Come Alive Images will work together to bring Gif artist’s digital creativity into the real world through the Pins Collectives digital pin which will be released in February 2017.

Artists interested in getting in contact with Come Alive Images please contact Joe Panker