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steal the attention

Pin One is a lightweight digital name badge that let you to grab the attention of a potential client with smart animations. This wearable displays both still and animated GIFs. It will be the greatest eye catcher you have ever worn and you will become the center of attention at the coming convention or trade fair.


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use looping animations to start the conversation

A 2 second looping animation is a powerful way of grabbing the attention of a potential client at a trade fair or convention. A short animation will show your logo 1800 times/hour and will attract visitors attention whether they like it or not.

create and share gifs with your team

In the Pins Collective app you can create a corporate account for your team mates to follow. From here they can save the company’s latest animations, images and logos to be worn at conventions.

Wireless upload

Pin One is connected to your iOS device using Bluetooth which makes it easy to upload and switch artworks on the fly. You can change the animation on the pin at any time with a few clicks.

NOT FEELing creative? We got you covered!

We at Pins Collective work with the most talented digital artists out there. If you need a special animation created for any occasion we can hook you up with the best talents. Drop us a line at community [at] and we’ll start the conversation.

Animation format / Frame rate

GIF / 15 frames per second

Max animation frames

35 frames

Screen size



300 x 300 px

Battery life

4-24 h*
Depending on animation and backlight




Bluetooth LE

Phone support

iPhone 5+ and later
Android Marshmallow and later

Learn more? Fill out your name and email and we’ll get in touch shortly.

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