A short progress update. We want to give you a glimpse of the current state of the app looks like fhoplyq. We have come a bit further with the Android version than iOS. Check out the video below. https://www right

Pins Collective is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Come Alive Images, a US-based stock Gif agency licensing Gifs (motion images) as stock and creating custom Gifs on assignment. Come Alive Images specializes in creating short looping ideas in the. Gif format which is what Pins Collective is based around. Come Alive Images represents…

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We’ve just added a function to the website were you can try an animation or an image from your computer in on the pin why not try this out. Something to play with until we ship the real pins. Try it here.

Successfully completing a Kickstarter campaign has surely opened up some interesting doors. We were contacted by a VC company called LMarks about applying for a programme called Toppitch just before the summer. The programme is run jointly by LMarks and global fashion retailer Topshop. They had put together a programme for fashion tech start-ups and…

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