Internet might be the largest thing that have happened to human culture since the invention of speech. All over people share ideas, opinions and artistic expressions. But these ideas seldom make it into reality. Instead we spend more and more time in front of screens to take part of this endless stream of creativity and inspiration. Pins Collective want to change that. We create wearables that bring online creativity into reality.

Our first product is Pin ONE. A round LCD display that is controlled via Bluetooth from our app. This display can view still and animated digital content in the form of GIFs. It’s attached to clothes and accessories with a needle in the same way as classical pins.

Last year we performed a successful Kickstarter [Link to Kickstarter] and now, as we are about to ship to our backers, we’re expanding our team in Stockholm, Sweden.


As our first full-time Android developer you’ll be responsible for the continued work on our Android app. Your most important task will be to take the app from being a simple controller for the pin to be a social network for creating and sharing GIF artworks. This social network will start simple and grow in complexity as we expand the functionality with features as GIF creator, paid/branded content, advanced analytics and algorithms for recommendations and feeds.

You’ll be a part of a small technical team and so you will also contribute to strategy, backend architecture and ideation for new features. We’re a fresh company without a lot of legacy or technical debt so we want our developers to grab the opportunity and use the latest and greatest technologies.


  • You’ll own and care for the continued development of our Android app.
  • You’ll take part in developing our user community by working with a wide range of topics from Android Frontend development to backend infrastructure.
  • You’ll be a part of a small startup with highly interdisciplinary roles and thus take part in solving problems in all parts of the company.
  • You’ll be in close contact with our community to figure out what they want and how to build it for them.
  • You’ll develop and improve the app’s Bluetooth LE capabilities related to the Pin and other future hardware products.


  • You are experienced with Android development.
  • You have a degree in computer science or similar professional experience.
  • You thrive in an environment where you have lots of freedom and responsibility.
  • You are an independent developer who enjoy researching and solving technical challenges.
  • You have experience with, or are willing to learn Firebase.
  • You care for quality and performance of the product.


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