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Pins Collective are working on a entirely new type of wearables – expressionables. We create products that let people wear digital content as a part of their outfit. The main goal is to erase the barrier between the digital and real world. Bringing online creativity into real life.



How can we change the way we express ourselves? In 2014, as he studied at the Academy of Cutting and Tailoring, Olof Sjöstedt asked himself that very question. The answer he realised was not to be found in fabrics or stitches, but in something more mutable, formable and live. Later, in 2015, he started the business that was going to become Pins Collective, a brand and community for creatives all over the world who both want to express themselves and find new ways to do so. The product at the head was Pin One, a wearable button with adjustable content, that gave the users the power to make their favourite online gifs part of real life.

The concept was launched during the autumn of 2015 with varying online presence and social media, and that acted as a pre-launch to the crowd funding campaign which was later launched on Kickstarter. The goal of the campaign was mainly to prove that the concept of extrovert screens worked in attracting the interest of paying consumers. Almost 1,100 people bought the digital pins during the campaign, and the campaign amassed over 100,000 USD in backing from people from all over the world, from Tokyo in the east to San Francisco in the west.

The coverage from the international press was massive, with over 100 articles written about Pins Collective and Pin One. After a year of development Pin One was released to the market in 2017.

The mission of Pins Collective is to erase the barriers between the digital and physical world that are preventing the works of web artists from reaching its full potential. No expressions should be wasted. No tongues should be tied. Pins Collective is here to help the people of the world express themselves.